LogMeIn has added identity management to its Xively IoT platform to iron out some of the logistics challenges that might arise in a connected world.

The tool is expected to be used to manage access to connected devices – both by the device's owner and by third parties.

Initially, the owner will need to establish some sort of account online to activate their devices, and it is intended that Xively identity manager would be a plug-in to that process.

However, the vendor sees an opportunity to provide tools that help authenticate people other than the owner to access the IoT device.

“In IoT, identity management can become further complicated when you factor in the need for – and authentication needs around – secondary users and other third parties which may need access to a connected product, beyond its primary user or owner,” LogMeIn said in a statement.

“For example, homeowners may buy an Internet connected product (thermostat, smoke alarm, garage door opener, lighting system, etc.), but other people living in that home may also want access to at least some functions of said connected device. 

“Manufacturers and third parties (e.g. service technicians) may also need regular or one-time exception-type access for remote management or customer service.

“[And] new identities may need to be created or transferred to new owners of the same home.”