Microsoft announced a collaboration with Samsung to develop smart home devices running on Windows 10.

During Samsung’s keynote speech at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Microsoft EVP Terry Myerson joined Samsung’s President and CMO Dr. Won-Pyo Hong to outline Microsoft’s IoT strategy.

An IoT demonstration showed the interoperability between Windows 10’s Cortana virtual assistant and Samsung’s IoT-enabled appliances.

During the demonstration, Windows Cortana was called upon by voice to request the status of a Samsung smart washing machine, and was asked to bring up graphs displaying appliance usage for each household member.

“With Samsung, we’re excited to have this shared vision of millions and millions of devices and things communicating using open protocols and open standards,” Myerson said.

Dr Hong added that partnerships “are the underpinnings for IoT success,” and that he was proud to have Microsoft on board as their newest IoT partner.

The announcement of this partnership follows Microsoft’s release last December of IoT-ready versions of Windows 10, allowing manufacturers to design and implement integration between their hardware and the operating system.