Sydney based IoT device manufacturer NetComm Wireless (ASX: NTC) has joined the Ericsson cloud-based IoT Accelerator platform, enabling its LTE M2M devices using lightweight M2M (LwM2M) to interoperate with the platform.

NetComm Wireless says this will streamline device onboarding worldwide by enabling mobile network operators and other major players in the global IoT ecosystem to get to market faster with less risk by using the platform to access LwM2M devices that enable mass-scale IoT deployments in areas such as automotive, logistics and manufacturing.

LwM2M is an open device management protocol that enables the transfer of small amounts of data between devices and their management platforms.

NetComm Wireless says its LwM2M devices – which are certified for deployment in Europe, the USA, Canada, the UAE, South East Asia, Japan and Australia – make it commercially viable to connect and manage remote sensors, pumps and other assets that need to run at a low cost.

Steffen Conradsen, head of device & application partner ecosystem, IoT at Ericsson, said Ericsson was expanding the ecosystem of device and application partners that interoperate with its IoT Accelerator platform.

“We see this collaboration with NetComm Wireless and the portfolio of IIoT devices that they bring as a great contribution to that ecosystem, unleashing opportunities on the Internet of Things for operators leveraging cellular connectivity.”

NetComm Wireless COO Timo Brouwer said NetComm Wireless’s collaboration with Ericsson would help to address the fragmentation challenges that the IoT ecosystem has faced from the outset.

“Operators and other ecosystem players now have global access to tools that eliminate the high development costs and proprietary restrictions that stand in the way of large-scale IoT deployments,” he said.

The Ericsson IoT Accelerator platform is a cloud-based system comprising of a set of platform services that include the functionality to manage IoT devices and sensor generated data.

Its prime customer segment is mobile operators using 3GPP cellular low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) networks to serve the IoT market.

Ericsson says the LwM2M, the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) and the IPSO data model are key technologies supported by its IoT Accelerator platform for fast provisioning of constrained IoT devices and automatic detection of sensors and values.

“The platform is open, and developers can use their preferred frameworks to develop applications against the data presented by the platform using standard APIs,” Ericsson says.