French wearable company PIQ have teamed up with skiwear and equipment manufacturer Rossignol to release a 13-axis ski sensor, which can be strapped to any ski boot.

The sensor is capable of measuring statistics such as edge-to-edge speed, G-force and carving angle, and is also able to provide freestyle skiers air time, G-force at landing, rotation data and more.

The sensor pairs with any Android or iOS smartphone, allowing the wearer to view their stats mid-run, or it can store the data for later viewing.

Using the Rossignol and PIQ app, skiiers can get data on their best turn, jump, and can rate them for upload to social media.

PIQ has previously teamed up with Babolat to provide a sensor to track tennis performance and Mobitee for golf tracking.

The ski sensor is identical to those used for tennis and golf performance tracking, allowing multi-sport users to use the same sensor with a change of attachment, which are available as a separate purchase.

The sensor is available for pre-order on their website for 149, and if you already possess the PIQ golf or tennis sensor, the ski boot strap is also available for 49.