Electronics giant Samsung has announced a multi-purpose Smart Lighting Module (SLM) targeting the smart building and smart city markets.

Available in three models for DC or AC power requirements, the SLM will be core to the company’s Smart Lighting Platform, which will integrate with LED lighting systems, turning them into smart, digital nodes.

It offers several connectivity ports and a script engine to simplify firmware connections, allowing OEMs to create a smart lighting device with – according to Samsung – a 50 percent or greater saving in development time.

The SLM contains wireless software update functionality (OTA) and, in its top-of-the-line iteration, power metering.

It supports all open wired and wireless communication protocols, including Zigbee, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) and Bluetooth.

Samsung will sample the module with its smart lighting partners such as Daintree, Silver Spring Networks and FLIR, and will be shipped to OEMs in April.