The Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra is committed to running a sustainable and environmentally-friendly campus, and the recent introduction of smart water meters is a step towards that goal.

Deployed by WaterGroup, the university had over 180 water monitoring devices installed across its network in August 2016.

Connecting to WaterGroup’s cloud platform via mobile networks, these smart meters have helped the university’s Facilities & Services Division identify unaccounted water use, and led to significant cost savings as well as enabling the prioritisation of water-saving measures.

The benefits were realised in a short amount of time, as it only took six weeks for approximately $300,000 in potential water usage savings to be identified.

The smart metering network has also provided a number of positive adjacent outcomes, including the establishment of sustainability challenges for student accommodation groups to compete on water usage efficiency, and the production of a case study that positions ANU as a leader in campus water management.

For more information about ANU’s smart meter network and WaterGroup’s plans to implement emerging connectivity methods such as LPWAN, click here.

This project won the Professional Services category of the Australian IoT Awards 2017. View the other winners here.