Australian IoT network operator Thinxtra has launched an Arduino-based starter kit designed to work on Sigfox network.

Dubbed Xkit, the platform was developed locally and built in conjunction with Sigfox’s recently opened Hong Kong office, and is aimed towards start-ups, design houses, universities and schools.

The kit consists of:

  • Thinxtra Shield (with embedded sensors: temperature, pressure, light, shock and 3D accelerometer, 2 LEDs and 1 push button)
  • Arduino compatible Uno R3 board (already plugged in the shield)
  • External 8.5 cm antenna for Sigfox network connectivity
  • USB cable (to plug to a Raspberry Pi, Mac or PC or to re-flash the Arduino board)
  • Battery holder (so the kit is independent of any external power source or computer)
  • 1-year free connectivity on the Sigfox global network

The included Thinxtra Shield is also compatible with other development boards, including the STM Nucleo, Freescale and Microchip development kits.

The Xkit also provides step-by-step guides to use the Xkit with some of the larger IoT platforms, including AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix.

In a statement, Thinxtra’s VP marketing and ecosystem Renald Gallis said: “We realised early in the game that the best way to support the ecosystem is by creating a truly low-cost, versatile and powerful development kit, [and] this aligns with the Sigfox value proposition: low cost, simple and streamlined connectivity.”

The Xkit sold in Australia is built to work in Sigfox region 4, which includes Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Latin America.