The Victorian government has opened a global search for internet of things (IoT) technologies to use as part of a four-region trial.

The trials, announced earlier this year, will occur at farms around Maffra, Tatura, Serpentine and Birchip.

These areas encompass Victoria’s four main types of agriculture: dairy, horticulture, meat production and broadacre cropping.

The state government said it is now accepting offers “to build IoT networks that will enable farmers to participate in the trial”.

“A second request will follow shortly, inviting agriculture IoT providers to submit proposals to supply applications and devices for the four farm types included in the trial,” the government said.

Farmers participating in the trial will be able to select IoT solutions to trial on their farm, with financial support from Agriculture Victoria.”

The government has committed $27 million to investigate digital agricultural methods, with the IoT trials set to be a major part of that work.

It is hoped that IoT solutions used in the trial will help farmers make more informed decisions and improve farm performance by providing greater information through monitoring of farm variables.

Technology suppliers are asked to supply offers via, with agreements expected to be signed later this year.

Agriculture Victoria will also soon be recruiting farmers to participate in the trials, with prospects advised to sign up here