Vodafone will begin offering 5G in Australia in the first half of 2020, initially in Parramatta in Sydney.

The 5G services will be delivered using Nokia technology under a new agreement between the two companies that will last for at least five years.

The agreement follows a "long process" that began after the Australian Government's security guidance in 2018, stated Vodafone Chief Executive Officer, Iñaki Berroeta.

Nokia began working with Vodafone on 5G in 2016 and is now working closer with Vodafone Hutchison Australia, according to Federico Guillén, President, Customer Operations EMEA & APAC at Nokia.

The new agreement covers the 5G radio access network, IP/optical and microwave technology, software, deployment and managed services, Guillén stated.

Nokia can help Vodafone offer 5G using all spectrum bands currently in use for 4G, and via new generation 5G Massive MIOO antennas.

“[Nokia] presented a compelling roadmap that aligned with our 5G objectives and will help us to continue improving our 4G network for our customers,” Berroeta stated.

Telstra launched its 5G services in Australia in May 2019. It aims to offer 5G services in 35 cities by the end of the 2020 financial year.

Optus has at least 300 5G sites across Australia, including in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.