Outer Melbourne’s Wyndham City Council has unveiled plans to map out a strategy to become a connected digital city.

The council is seeking input into its strategy via a survey and two forums planned over the next two months.

It already has a number of digital city initiatives under its belt including using augmented reality to show the impact of proposed infrastructure works, a low-power wide area network, smart bins and smart parking.

But it now wants to understand the integral role that technology might play in the area’s future development.

“In collaboration with our community, businesses, innovators, vendors and researchers, Wyndham City Council is developing a Future City Strategy,” it said.

“The Future City Strategy is part of Council's vision for Wyndham to become a connected digital city, through leading-edge technology, partnerships and data-driven decision making. This strategy will define how technology and innovation will shape our city.

“Technology is rapidly changing the world we live in, so it's increasingly important that we understand the challenges technological change imposes on the city, whilst leveraging the new opportunities from emerging technology.”