Data integration remains a key challenge for Internet of things (IoT) projects, but there are tools designed to solve that problem – as Zi-Argus is demonstrating in Melbourne today.

The industrial automation company is showing off its Argus Industrial IoT (IIoT) Suite at the Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation expo at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne.

The suite’s key selling point is easy connectivity to a range of legacy and modern systems. Zi-Argus will demonstrate that at the expo by connecting the suite to a:

  • Balluff skid, via a wireless connection
  • Siemens equipment
  • Rockwell equipment
  • Omron equipment
  • Urban.IO sensors and a LORA gateway via a cloud platform, using Zi-Argus’s new API connector
  • UMD temperature sensor IIoT device

Zi-Argus wants to challenge the assumptions held by people working in the industrial sector that IoT data integration is difficult, said Richard Roberts, Zi-Argus MES Operations Manager and Senior Consultant.

“I don’t think they know how easy it is,” Roberts said. “Within 30 seconds you can have data streaming in and you don’t have to be an engineer.”