The Hoyts Group has tapped Optus to provide a range of networks services under a five-year agreement that, according to Optus, will “allow Hoyts to leverage all that the Internet of Things has to offer.”

Optus says it will provide Hoyts with a managed services platform built on the Optus Evolve suite that will “improve connectivity and data security throughout the Hoyts network, including its 48 cinemas, regional offices and VMO’s [digital advertising firm Val Morgan Outdoor’s] thousands of digital signage assets.”

Optus Business Managing Director John Paitaridis said: “Hoyts now boasts modern, automated systems which improve the company’s productivity and the customer experience – from improving ticket transactions to the seamless management and distribution of digital content throughout their network.”

Optus says it has provide a real-time, cloud-hosted platform that includes:

  • Evolve IP VPN to ensure seamless and secure connectivity across Hoyts’ multiple locations
  • Evolve Internet and Voice to enable seamless communication and collaboration across the company
  • Evolve WIP VPN Plus (mobile) to provide back-up connectivity solutions across all cinema venues
  • Cisco’s Jasper management platform to help Hoyts manage the multiple assets running across its network as a collective portfolio
  • Machine-to-machine SIMs to allow Hoyts to seamlessly manage and update digital signage and additional communications infrastructure.

Optus Evolve is an umbrella term of numerous Optus business networking services. The branding was introduced back in 2007 when it was billed as “a next generation IP network that places Optus at the forefront of converged network solutions,” and that would “change the way Australian businesses communicate.”

Optus said it had been “built from the ground up [and] features a new simple, modular, end-to-end IP network with streamlined backend processes and greater bandwidths than previously available,” and would “allow Optus customers to replace legacy networks with a single, easy-to-manage network platform [that] delivers outstanding business efficiencies, including faster data speeds and simpler network management.”

Since then Optus has made numerous announcements of specific services carrying the Evolve brand.