The petroleum industry is still a driving force behind modern society, and for service station operators, their jobs could become a lot easier with this IoT-enabled petrol station management platform.

Just like any other business, petrol station owners are always looking to improve efficiency and make a positive environmental impact, and Australian company Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS) has a product that helps them achieve these goals.

Developed in conjunction with innovation partner DiUS, FuelSuite gives petrol station operators and wholesalers the ability to use real-time data to schedule fuel deliveries, detect equipment malfunction and gas leaks, and provide predictive analytics on fuel movements.

Given the myriad nature of technology deployed at different service stations, the platform had to be designed to be cross-compatible across all of these technologies.

Core to the platform are a couple of key capabilities – the monitoring of pump and underground tank data, and the ability to remotely set petrol station price boards.

Using an AWS IoT backend, data collected at the tank and pump level are sent to the cloud for ingestion and analysis, then presented to station owners and wholesalers in near real-time.

All of this delivers a cost-effective solution that is 3.7 times cheaper than its nearest competition.

EMS intends to deploy the platform to 1000 petrol stations across Australia in the second half of 2017.

To find out more how DiUS and EMS developed FuelSuite, click here.

This project has been named a finalist in the Professional Services category of the Australian IoT Awards 2017. View the full list of finalists here.