Listed below are the finalists for the inaugural Australian IoT Awards. Thank you to all those who entered for submitting such high-quality entries, and congratulations to the finalists.

Over the next several days, IoT Hub will profile each of the finalists and provide a greater insight into their IoT projects. 

Judging is currently underway and the winners of each category – and the overall Australian IoT Project of the Year 2017 – will be announced on June 8.

The finalists and their projects by category are:


Primary Industry

Davey Water Products

Monsoon IQ Pump Set Booster System

A cloud-based system that provides its customers with real-time connectivity to their water usage and pumping system performance


Salmon Farm Real-Time Monitoring System by Intuit Technologies

A hyper-converged platform that combines the sensor data collected by its livestock management system with its other infrastructure to enable improved product quality through efficient management and increased productivity

The Yield

Sensing+ for Aquaculture

A cloud-based platform that collects real-time water condition data from sensors and converts it into accurate weather and water quality predictions for the oyster farming industry in Australia.


Secondary Industry

Safety Ammo

The Smart Pinning Station

A system that uses real-time, wireless monitoring and intelligent personnel and machinery detection capabilities to improve the safety of pinning activities of Stevedores.

Binary Beer

Smart Kegs That #KeepTheBeerFlowing

Sensor-equipped beer kegs that allow brewers to track their location, monitor environmental conditions to ensure freshness of contents, record keg handling conditions, and track the fill level to proactively schedule replacements.

Mystic Pants

IoT Device Manufacturing Automation System

A system deployed at a device manufacturer’s premises to ensure the quality and field readiness for the devices being built.

United Energy

SensorIQ by Silver Spring Networks

An advanced smart metering network that provides granular and near-real-time usage data of power network endpoint devices for residences and small businesses.


Professional Services Industry

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

FuelSuite by DiUS

Provides real-time insight into fuel levels and pump equipment operations for petrol stations.

Australian National University

Campus Water Monitoring System by WaterGroup

A network of intelligent meters to collect and manage data relating to the university’s water usage.

Get York Coffee

Critical Control Point Monitoring for Small Food Service Businesses by CCP Technologies

A cloud-based system that combines sensors that monitor the internal temperatures of the café’s refrigeration units with a notification system via a mobile app.


Education & Research

Endeavour Veterinary Ecology

K-Tracker Koala Telemetry System by LX Group

A telemetry system that monitors the location and activity of at-risk koala populations via low-profile collars and a high-penetration RF network.

NSW Smart Sensing Network

Interconnected Fine Particle Sensing using Arrays of Photonic Sensors

An air quality monitoring system that uses laser sensors to detect pollutant particles of various sizes in highly populated areas.

University of Wollongong

Web-based Continuous Real-Time Monitoring of Slope Stability Performance for Asset Managers

A system that monitors the stability and landslide susceptibility of areas of land, and the hazard and the associated risks to urban and major transport infrastructure.



Wyndham City Council

WynLens - Visualisation, Analysis and Modelling of a Holographic City

Providing council stakeholders with the ability to inspect and analyse future city works and obtain insights into existing city infrastructure using mixed reality technology.

Ipswich City Council

Ipswich Community IoT Network by Meshed

A LoRaWAN network for the Ipswich region, that will pave the way for its smart city plans for connected infrastructure.

Object Consulting

Our Green Home

A project that used internet-enabled energy monitors in 300 residences to provide occupants with real-time insights into their energy usage and costs to prove the hypothesis that greater visibility of energy usage leads to usage reduction.

Waverley Municipal Council

Bondi’s new solar bins – Litter prevention powered by the sun

A network of internet-connected smart bins that automatically compact internal garbage and send alerts via SMS and email when they’re full.