Victoria’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is hoping to use IoT-generated data to improve its understanding of the state’s environment.

The agency said today that it deploying a new “integration platform” that will allow it to bring in different data feeds from smart infrastructure across the state.

The new platform, based on Dell’s Boomi, is being brought in under an $182.4 million transformation funded by the state government.

“Using Boomi, EPA will streamline its cloud-first strategy, enabling it to capitalise on the Internet of Things by incorporating data from sensors, drones and satellites,” the agency said.

“When organisations are deploying smart lampposts or putting sensors into their buildings, for example, EPA will be able to combine data generated by these devices with satellite and drone feeds by using Boomi to build a holistic picture of the state of the environment in Victoria.

“With this extensive visibility, the organisation will be able to assess hazards and develop the most appropriate solutions, such as waste removal strategies in the case of spills, or tailored advice to land managers and local councils.”