Victorian company Clarinox works very much ‘under the hood’ of IoT with a suite of software, hardware and debug tools for engineers designing the wireless component of IoT.

“Companies developing IoT devices need to license component IP to meet time-to-market demands,” the company says. “Most companies in Australia develop a specific end product; we are different as we support those companies building innovative IoT products.”

It has licensed its technology to world leading brands and its code now runs in millions of products worldwide.

Its products include ClarinoxWiFi, its WiFi software stack for wireless LAN implementations, and ClarinoxBlue, its Bluetooth protocol stack.

Clarinox has partnered with the world’s leading suppliers for silicon chips and real time operating systems such as Intel, Texas Instruments, Renesas and more. “These partners have provided us access to pre-release technology as well as direct technical support channels enabling us to develop at the leading edge,” it says.

In one instance Clarinox was engaged to develop a system that would display the information available in a child’s hearing aid on a carer’s mobile phone. However, the hearing aid used a proprietary ultra-low power wireless protocol not supported on mobile phones. The solution was to construct a “Gateway Button” that would translate the proprietary format data into Bluetooth.

Clarinox provided the product development services to construct the gateway prototype, including porting and integration services for the embedded hardware and software and implemented the smartphone user interface software.

The ClarinoxWiFi and ClarinoxBlue frameworks entry was Highly Commended in the Best IoT Product or Platform category at the 2018 Australian IoT Awards, which was held at the IoT Festival on 4 June in Melbourne.