Adelaide-based B.One Hub has developed an energy management system based on its Universal Home Automation Hub. This communicates with many devices such as air conditioners that use infra-red remote controls and uses wireless technology to communicate with a wide range of other smart home devices and with devices supplied by B.One hub to control individual power points or light switches.

It also takes in metering data from devices installed in the switch box that monitor each individual circuit.

The B.One Hub communicates over cellular with a smartphone app that enables the homeowner to monitor and control their power usage.

The B.One Energy Management System is largely aimed at homes, but the company has worked with smart metering company Wattwatchers, which has given B.One Hub access to its hardware and APIs, enabling B.One Hub to offer its solution to commercial customers too.

B.One Hub says the system will help uses save money by controlling demand and demand and identifying any power factor issues.

The system has been installed by a number of beta customers, and the company says they have been very happy with the results.

“Initial feedback suggests that this solution is the missing puzzle for bringing together wireless home automation and energy management as well energy balancing through solar/battery/mains,” the company says.

“We have developed a true consumer market-ready wireless automation solution that has a commercial grade secondary metering application. We have also defined simple but effective autonomous user control to manage key critical loads that will save business big dollars by reducing energy wastage and enabling more effective energy usage.”

The B.One Energy Management System is a finalist in the Best Secondary Industry Project category at the 2018 Australian IoT Awards being held at the IoT Festival on 4 June in Melbourne.