A smart water network, an IoT agent for connecting weather stations, a smart fuel station monitoring system and an AI-based home monitoring system for the elderly were among the winners at the 2018 Australian IoT Awards.

Presented at the IoT Festival at the Melbourne Park Function Centre on Monday, 4 June, five category winners were recognised for their innovative projects, along the overall winner – the IoT Project of the Year.

Judging the winners was extremely difficult, due the high standard of finalists – proving that IoT innovation in Australia across all fields is world class – but ultimately the judging panel decided on the following the category winners:

Best Primary Industry Project

NSW Department of Primary Industries monitoring station by Ardexa. Ardexa has developed an IoT agent for Linux and Windows that provides security, hard caching, communications and interfacing to enable IoT devices to talk to the cloud. It’s being adopted by the NSW Department of Primary Industries for use on connected weather stations.

Best Secondary Industry Project

EMS Fuelsuite and Fuelscan fuel station monitoring by DiUS. Fuelsuite is an IoT system that provides a complete view of petrol station operations in real time using Fuelscan, which collects data from sensors in the station’s pumps and underground tanks.

The UCOT supply chain ecosystem by Ultimo Digital Technologies was Highly Commended in this category.

Best Municipal Project

SA Water Smart Water Network. SA Water discovered that pressure transients in its water network in the Adelaide CBD were larger and more frequent than previously assumed, and likely to be causing pipe fatigue. It has installed network of sensors linked to an analytics platform that enables it to identify anomalies and proactively repair faults before they cause service disruptions.

The Gochang smart water deployment by Freestyle Technology was Highly Commended in this category.

Best Healthcare or Sport Project

Sofihub home assistant and notification system. Sofihub is a digital assistant that uses artificial intelligence and sensor technology to support and assist older adults or people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes. It observes and learns normal behaviour in the home, then identifies abnormal behaviour and raise alerts. It is also a personal home assistant delivering greetings, medication reminders and hydration alerts.

The Non-intrusive Wellbeing Detection by Umps was Highly Commended in this category.

Best IoT Product or Platform

Reekoh IoT Fabric IoT data and API management Platform. Reekoh has developed an open integration platform for IoT to connect and integrate IoT technologies with any business system.

The ClarinoxWiFi & ClarinoxBlue frameworks entry by Clarinox was Highly Commended in this category.

IoT Project of the Year

Choosing the overall winner was even more difficult, but after tallying up the judges’ scores, the SA Water Smart Water Network was crowned Australia’s IoT Project of the Year 2018.